Fish Market …my virtual art gallery

Having some unexpected, obligatory spare time (coronavirus pandemic) I came up with an idea to share with you some photos that document a few pieces of my art works from the last 35 years of my activity.

I would like to present to you mainly my flat-wall assemblage (collages 3D) made from recycled materials, which I began to create in 1985. Since then, I have created about one hundred of them. The main topic of my eco artworks are fish. They are based on old chopping boards, wooden fragments of wall clock housings, copper and brass sheets, nets and tubes, plumbing and electric components, brass pressure cans, nozzles from gas stoves, pieces of clocks, dolls’ eyes, photo clippings, old jewellery and plastic beads.

Until 2020, none of my assemblages could be bought. My friends and family own most of the art works.
The largest pieces do not exceed the dimension of 60 by 110 centimetres. Each work has a note on the back site with a title, date, and sometimes a short history of a collage. The works are given numbers, although I must tell that the numbers have no formal meaning and do not indicate the order of creation.
The last five assemblages (2019-2020) are addressed to specific individuals. These are allegorical portraits of Władzio Maciupa from Kuńkowice, engineer Tadziu Gratkowski, Lady of the Word from Kibeho, My Grandma Zuzanna, scout & professor Artur Ekert from the Oxford University – nominated in 2019 for the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk.
Three of my fish have a spatial form and are presented on my Facebook page:

Second life of the waste is for me, as biologist and ecologist who in 1982 graduated from the Jagiellonian University in the department of environmental biology – has always been intuitive. In the idea of recycling, I can see a very important aspect of our civilization – all waist must have a chance to regain their value.

With Regards,
Mirek Ruszala